Reach Expansion happens through your advocacy among networks and efforts to spread the message person to person. But it also (usually) takes a significant input of resources to get an idea to the mainstream of debate. Ever so rarely an idea goes 'viral,' on social media, but most often, it is because of a slow, gathering speed, which is usually gained through wise allocations of resources in strategic places to gradually expand reach. There is no "formula" for this, but often it includes things like getting access to the right audience through some advertising, production of a catchy, succinct video, having graphic design improvements and infographics created to further explain the message, or creating other promotional materials. These are the sort of things that fit into our "Reach Expansion" bucket - things that would be immensely helpful to our effort and things we hope to do, but for the most part can't yet afford. 

So we've created Reach Expansion Units (or REUs) as another way for you to contribute to our efforts to push this little boat out from shore. Some of these Units are included in the suggested contribution amount for each membership, but if you'd like, you can also purchase a few extra REUs to help us further expand reach. Whatever we collect will go into a funding bucket, and we'll engage you in conversation to determine how best to spend money from this fund towards marketing and reach expansion. Fill out the donation form below.

Think we should shoot a 30 second ad spot and air it during the Daily Show, pay a stunt pilot to "skywrite" our website homepage over New York City, or unload a truck full of swag on the financial district in Toronto? We'll be listening for your suggestions, and we're sure they'll be much better than the ones we just proposed. You get a say. So get in touch.

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