Investor – Minimum Contribution: $2,500

What you Receive:

  • Early access to chapters of the book released as pdf files though the HUB – for your comment and response
  • 15 printed copies of the Final Version of the book, which incorporates your comments and letters - delivered in Fall 2013
  • 1 printed poster sized "Landscape of a Personal Enterprise” which will help you strategize and map how your enterprise can work with these ideas
  • access to the "Innovation Greenhouse" in the HUB, which gathers like-minded leaders and provides a Field Guide and extra toolkit to help you to implement principles of The Personal Enterprise in your areas of influence
  • your name listed as an Investor in a special section of the final version of the book, and wherever else we have the chance!
  • the opportunity to purchase at cost any number of additional copies of the book
  • full financial disclosure on The Project available through our online HUB
  • Complementary admission to a 2 day, 1 night "Practitioner and Implementation Workshop" with the author at Nassagaweya (not including travel costs). This workshop will allow you to work with like-minded leaders on the principles of The Personal Enterprise in your areas of influence.
    • Day 1 - “Practitioner's Workshop” with fellow Investors, Collaborators, and the author.
    • Day 2 - “Implementation Workshop” with fellow Investors and the author. This workshop will help you to develop a practical application strategy for your own organization.

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