As a Backer, you'll be thanked and recognized in the book by name (unless you’d rather remain anonymous).

Additionally, you’ll receive:

  • Invitation to be a guest voice/contributor to our blog on
  • 15 copies of the printed book, with option to purchase any number of additional copies at cost
  • Access to various implementation tools and additional info about Telosity in a credentialed area of the website
  • Invitation to special events, including a 1 day "Practitioner's Workshop" with other Collaborators, Backers and the author sometime in 2014
  • Complimentary admission to a 1 day (with overnight at Chris's Farm) “Implementation Workshop” with fellow Backers and the author. This workshop will help you to develop a practical application strategy for your own organization.
  • Right of first refusal to become the Telosity "advisory board"


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